Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spray Paintin' Some Serious Dinos

Here is my individual piece, apart from school work, I have been working on. I am now currently coloring it, but I thought I'd throw out the black and white to get everyone excited. I hope you find the uniqueness of it as appealing as myself.

The Exciting Ending to... IN DA CLUB!

I have finally finished the conclusion to my short film. I went back and reframed and detailed all my previous frames, along with these new frames that make up the ending. Here are a few of those cleaned up frames from the end. I hope you enjoy, especially the priceless expression on the last frame.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Storyboards for "IN DA CLUB"

Here is the first pass of storyboards for my film, titled "IN DA CLUB". It begins with our main character, the unusually small and pudgy man, driving his extremely beautiful date to DA CLUB. He opens her car door, grabs her hand, and walks her to the entrance where he realizes like a slap to the face, literally, that the bouncer, the antagonist, won't let him in due to his fatness, which our protagonist was completely unaware of until that moment. There he goes through many obstacles, all resulting in painful failures, while his date inside of the club is coming closer and closer to being consumed by "air humpers". It isn't until he receives an extraordinary "PROTEIN" pill from a strange man where his luck changes. He then becomes rather large in a different way, becoming abnormally buff after spending a couple hours at the gym.  He confronts the bouncer once again, this time destroying him with a one hitter quitter. He finally enters the club and notices his date screaming, resulting in him doing a sonic boom on the dance floor, blowing every "air humper" away from her. She is now completely relieved as he begins dancing with her. All of the sudden he hears "That was the last song of the night! Thank Yooouuu!" from the speakers. He begins to sob as his date bends down and asks, "So... my place?" He immediately becomes excited once again as he throws a thumbs up, thus ending the story of "IN DA CLUB".

I apologize that the frames jump around at times, but if you follow the numbers next to each board in order it will all flow perfectly. Thank you!